Friday, June 13, 2008

Home from Home

I love Longsight
scruffy, vibrant, full of life
where Africans and Gypsies, Jamaicans and Afghans
all can feel at home
in our little Anglo-Pakistan.

I love Rusholme
where Mumbai meets Little Mogadishu
and the summer evening air is scented
with shisha and curry and diesel.

I love the city centre
the masonry mountains
the pride of past ages
and the hopes of today.

But Chorlton is where I come to be with me
to drink coffee, read the papers
to think, to write, to listen to music
to visit the river, to feel the changing seasons
to watch the people walking, to note the passing years.

I have my home in Longsight
amid the hurley burley
of asylum struggles and shopkeeper wars,
I work in Gorton
peeping in on fractured lives
and people getting by, doing their best,
But I live my truest life in Chorlton
alone in coffee bars or by the river
I am not lonely, I’m with myself.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Jim, I'd almost given up hope of you writing anything more on your blog. I've been terribly busy over the last few months. Then I had another peep a few days ago and was astonished at the pearls you've cast out like tickets clickety-click from a machine! Do you live in M***** St? I'd like to write to you. Or can you let me know your email address. V

Friday, 5 September 2008 at 12:19:00 BST  
Blogger jimquk said...


yes I live in M***** St. I'm at

I'm a really poor email correspondent though.......

Tuesday, 9 September 2008 at 23:24:00 BST  

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